Professional Services

Professional Services

Comgene offers best consulting services, from the small enterprise to the large service providers. These services include: Network Configuration & Migration, Network Design & Review and Network Integration.

We work with you from conception to production to ensure cost efficiency and eliminate any project mishaps Comgene committed to providing our customers with cost effective, professional infrastructure solutions and consultancy. Our leading service provider of various services across the entire network technology arena.

We believe that the first step for a success project starts with identify the current state of the operation as well as critical process and information flows.
Then requirements Draft, a document which provides a summary of the problems identified in the Assessment phase and a set of vendor-neutral solutions to these problems.
After the solution is chosen from the requirements analysis, a specific solution detailing hardware, software, and process tools available from specific vendors is developed
The final stage is the support stage. Too often after project completion, a consultant will walk away and never be heard from again. At Comgene the job is never done and we maintain a constant support channel should any issues arise after deployment. Every customer is a customer for life at Comgene.

Other common project components would include bug scrubs for new software releases, vendor management during proof of concept testing, development of software tools for provisioning, development of tools for large scale migrations or varying degrees of network or security audits.

Comgene is offering:

  • Professional Services
  • Network Design
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Migration
  • Infrastructure Audits
  • Network Configuration Review

Network Configuration and Migration

Installing new devices in your network?
Comgene will help you from conception to production. From the rack and stack to the configuration of the network device, we will implement into the current network whether you are replacing or adding new equipment.

Examples of our work:

  • Data Center Design Installations
  • IP backbone consolidation
  • MPLS traffic engineering deployment
  • Security Policy Management
  • Vendors Migrations
  • High End Firewall Deployments
  • Building configuration templates

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